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Doctor by Day / Novelist by Night

Welcome! You have arrived

at the official website of

Darin Kennedy,

Doctor by Day, Novelist by Night.

Author of the Fugue & Fable trilogy,

The Pawn Stratagem series,

Carol: Being a Ghost Story of Christmas,

and The April Sullivan Chronicles.

When he's not busy working

on his latest tale of

magic and adventure,

Darin practices Family Medicine

in Charlotte, NC.



May 4, 2022

Returned from their banishment across the centuries, Steven Bauer and the forces of the White must now rescue their abducted loved ones from the forces of darkness.
Across North America, the Black have come out of hiding, occupying one national landmark after another with hostages certain to attract their enemies’ attention.
Backed into a corner, Steven and his friends have no other choice but to fight for their lives and the lives of everyone they love. 
Atop Hoover Dam, Niklaus and Steven face off against Magdalene, the merciless Black Queen.
At the apex of St. Louis’ Gateway Arch, Audrey and a trio of Pawns confront the cruel arrows of Wahnahtah, the Black Pawn.
On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Emilio, Lena, Archie and the remainder of Steven’s phalanx encounter a new yet strikingly familiar Black Knight.
Lives hang in the balance as Steven and the others struggle with a strategy meant to divide and conquer.
And even if they succeed in saving their friends and families from the Black King and his ruthless minions, a checkered battlefield still awaits them all…

King's Crisis is the third and final book in the Pawn Stratagem trilogy from Darin Kennedy.


Mostly Books, Birds, & Flowers,
plus whatever else catches Darin's eye


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