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Doctor by Day / Novelist by Night

Welcome! You have arrived

at the official website of

Darin Kennedy,

Doctor by Day, Novelist by Night.

Author of

the Songs of the Ascendant series,

the Fugue & Fable trilogy,

The Pawn Stratagem trilogy,

Carol: Being a Ghost Story of Christmas,

and The April Sullivan Chronicles.


When he's not busy working

on his latest tale of

magic and adventure,

Darin practices Family Medicine

in Charlotte, NC.

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June 28, 2024

Shadows of the Night - Volume I

All Fired Up - Volume II

You Better Run - Volume III

Ethan Harkreader – College dropout turned stage tech extraordinaire

Rosemary Delacroix – Trained from birth to protect the world from darkness

Persephone Snow – The number one pop star in the world, and she knows it

As the shadows rise, this trio from three vastly different worlds find themselves caught in the crossfire of a conflict that stretches back millennia and their lives on a collision course with love, war, heartbreak, and destiny.

This latest series by Darin Kennedy is contemporary fantasy action and adventure that will appeal to fans of X-Men/Heroes, Highlander, Buffy, and Chuck. Set in the modern day, each book takes its title and theme from the oeuvre of one of Darin's favorite performers, Pat Benatar, while the mythology of the series, along with title and theme of each chapter title is based in 80s pop music.

This series, along with all of Darin's other works, are available wherever you buy books: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, and ebook outlets far and wide. Check out these love letters to 80s pop music, Generation X, and some of the best fantasy sci-fi of the last half century!


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Mostly Books, Birds, & Flowers,
plus whatever else catches Darin's eye


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